Avoid increase in broken car windows this Autumn

Avoid increase in broken car windows this Autumn

As Autumn is upon us and our nights draw in, an increasing number of customers need their broken car windows replaced in Warwickshire, due to a rise in car crime as thieves take advantage of our nights becoming darker earlier.

Here are a few tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of car crime this Autumn:

1. Never leave items on show in your car. A discarded jacket or carrier bag may not seem valuable to you, but it may be enough to tempt a thief. Shockingly, cars are often broken into for small change and even toys!

2. Make sure you clean away any marks left on your windscreen by Sat Nav holders. Thieves often assume this is a sign that your Sat Nav is inside, increasing the likelihood of your car being broken into.

3. Lock doors and close windows when your car is unattended – even if you are just popping to get a car park ticket or paying for fuel.

4. Even when you are in your car, remember to keep valuables out of sight. Avoid leaving mobile phones, handbags or wallets on the passenger seat as they may be snatched by thieves while your vehicle is stationary at traffic lights or queuing in a traffic.