Avoid increase in broken car windows due to crime this Autumn

As Autumn hits and our nights are drawing in, an increasing number of customers need their broken car windows replaced due to a rise in car crime, as thieves take advantage of our nights becoming darker earlier.

Here are a few tips on how to avoid being the latest victim of car crime this Autumn:

1. Never leave items on show in your vehicle. A discarded jacket or carrier bag may not seem valuable to you, but it may be enough to tempt a thief.  Shockingly, vehicles are often broken into for small change and even soft toys!

2. Make sure you clean away any marks left by Sat Nav holders from your windscreen. Thieves often assume this is a sign that your Sat Nav is inside, and as a result may target your vehicle.

3. Lock doors and close windows when you leave your car unattended – even if you are just nipping to buy your car park ticket or just paying for fuel.

4. Even when you are in your car, remember to keep valuables out of sight. Avoid leaving mobile phones or handbags on the passenger seat, as they may be snatched by thieves while you are stationary in a traffic jam or at traffic lights.

Don’t make it easy for thieves to prosper from car crime this Autumn!


Our Top Tips

Top tips for windscreen care this Winter

Here are a few of our hot tips for windscreen care to get your vehicle Winter ready.

1. Make sure you regularly check your windscreen for chips, cracks or scratches.

Driving conditions are often more dangerous during the Winter months due to rain, ice and snow. The combination of cold temperatures and warm vehicle heaters can create stress to your windscreen, which may lead to chips cracking. It is recommended that windscreens are repaired as quickly as possible to avoid the cost of replacing your windscreen.

2. Never pour boiling water on a frozen windscreen.

Many of us face the race against time to get to work in the morning. The added inconvenience of an icy windscreen is a nuisance we could do without. Do not be tempted to speed up the process of defrosting your windscreen by pouring boiling water on it. Even any minor chips, cracks or scratches will cause the windscreen to break.

3. Be careful of pot holes in the road.

We are all too aware that the ever increasing number of pot holes in our road are a safety hazard and can cause damage to our vehicles. Snow and ice significantly increase the number and size of pot holes. Driving over a pot hole can also add stress to your windscreen, which may cause chips or scratches to crack.

Did you know?

A windscreen provides unto 30% of your vehicles structural strength. It is also crucial for airbag deployment.

Please click HERE for more information about windscreen repairs. Click HERE for advice on what type and size of a chip or scratch can be repaired.

Top tips for summer

Avoid chips on your windscreen spreading this summer by following our top tips.

  1. Get chips repaired straight away – The heat and bumps in the road can cause the chip to spread.
  2. Park in the shade – As temperatures rise, the heat of the sun can cause chips to spread. Where possible, park in the shade until the chip is repaired.
  3. Don’t slam car doors – Chips on your windscreen can spread due to sudden pressure changes which can occur when car doors are slammed.

It can be up to 70% cheaper to repair rather than replace a windscreen and repairs are usually free if you have fully comprehensive motor insurance.

So don’t delay this summer, arrange to visit our depot for a free windscreen MOT inspection.