Windscreens Coventry – Get ready for Winter! Does your heated windscreen work?

Windscreens Coventry – Get ready for Winter! Does your heated windscreen work?

windscreens Coventry Ford Mondeo heated windscreen Coventry windscreen replacement coventryNow that Halloween is behind us, Christmas doesn’t seem so far away – a fact we are constantly reminded of with the increasing number of Christmas displays in the shops already!

Don’t be left out in the cold this Winter as temperatures plunge – make sure you get ready for Winter and check if your heated windscreen works properly.

The team at Screen Saver Windscreens Coventry replaced the heated windscreen on this new Ford Mondeo in Coventry.

Heated windscreens have very fine heating elements, which if you look closely look like wavy lines that run from top to bottom across the width of the windscreen. The elements are usually in two parts and there is often a gap at each side, as well as a slightly larger gap down the centre of the windscreen.

Conveniently based in Nuneaton, Screen Saver Windscreens Coventry provides a fully mobile service wherever you, at home or at work, for all windscreen replacements Coventry and windscreen repairs Coventry.

Established over 10 years ago, Screen Saver Windscreens Coventry is trusted by the trade and public alike to provide a low cost, high quality and hassle free, speedy service for all your windscreens Coventry.

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