Windscreens Leicestershire – Gritters get ready for big freeze!

Windscreens Leicestershire – Gritters get ready for big freeze!

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Winter really seems to have kicked in this week, as each day this week has felt colder and colder. As temperatures plunge – don’t fall foul of frost bite. Get set for this cold snap and ensure your vehicle is Winter ready.

Leicestershire’s gritters have already hit the roads. With 18,000 tonnes of grit in stock and the fleet of gritters on standby 24/7, the County Council is ready too keep the roads moving during wintry weather.

The County Council advises the people of Leicestershire to be prepared for the cold weather by using a online map to check out gritting routes, listen to travel advice on local radio and allow plenty of time for journeys.

Screen Saver Windscreens Leicestershire adds to this advice – If you have a heated windscreen or a heated rear window on your vehicle, take time to check if your heated windscreen works properly – before you need it on a cold and frosty morning! And never be tempted to pour boiling water on a frozen windscreen – a tiny chip  (which may not even be visible) will spread and crack your windscreen.

Heated windscreens have very fine heating elements, which if you look closely look like wavy lines that run from top to bottom across the width of the windscreen. The elements are usually in two parts and there is often a gap at each side, as well as a slightly larger gap down the centre of the windscreen.

Conveniently based in Burbage, Screen Saver Windscreens Leicestershire provides a fully mobile service wherever you, at home or at work, for all windscreen replacements Leicestershire and windscreen repairs Leicestershire.

Established over 10 years ago, Screen Saver Windscreens Leicestershire is trusted by the trade and public alike to provide a low cost, high quality and hassle free, speedy service for all your windscreens needs throughout Leicestershire.

And for more hot tips on Winter windscreen care from Screen Saver Windscreens Leicestershire, please click HERE.

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