Windscreens Rugby – Thieves take advantage of the season of good will

Windscreens Rugby – Thieves take advantage of the season of good will


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It is the season of goodwill and as with less than two weeks to go to the big day, there is the inevitable race again the clock to finish – or start – our Christmas shopping.

Today, it was reported in the news that many online retailers are struggling to fulfil orders and deliver on time. So, its expected that this weekend will be even busier in the shops.

And as we all hurry to buy presents for our family and friends, its no surprise that in the hustle and bustle we might sometimes forget to be more vigilant at reducing the risk of becoming a victim of car crime.

So, despite the frustration of waiting for ages for a car park space, battling against hoards of shoppers, all holding stacks of carrier bags and standing in never ending queues – spare a moment to check you aren’t increasing the likelihood of your car being a target of thieves.

Unfortunately, Screen Saver Windscreens Rugby receives an increase in the number of calls from customers at this time of year, whose car windows have been smashed by thieves. Often it is because carrier bags, usually containing Christmas presents, have been left on back seats of cars, or wallets or purses are left on passenger seats by mistake in the rush to get to the shops.

Screen Saver Windscreens Rugby urges shoppers not to leave valuables or possessions on display in their vehicles. Even items that may not seem of value to you may be enough to tempt a thief to strike – even small change! And, always lock your vehicle – even if you are only popping over the road to the Post Office or paying for fuel.

Screen Saver Windscreens Rugby provided a speedy and efficient service aimed at minimising the hassle of replacing vehicle glass and getting your car back on the road as quickly as possible. Conveniently based in Nuneaton in Warwickshire, we provide a fully mobile service in Rugby.

Screen Saver Windscreens Rugby takes the stress out of insurance claims for vehicle glass replacements. We have approved and formalised direct billing in place for most insurance companies. So there’s no need to fill out lots of forms or make numerous phone calls. All we need is to see your insurance policy and we will handle the rest.

Did you know? You are not always obliged to use your insurance company’s recommended windscreen supplier, if you are not happy with their availability or service.

For windscreens Rugby, call the team you can trust at Screen Saver Windscreens Rugby, on 01926 279926 or free from a land line on 0800 328 6840.

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